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Are you my friend

Are you my friend

Will you stay with me until the very end?

Are you someone in whom I can depend?

In a time of sorrow and stress will your heart be there to lend?

Didyou see my foes stab me in my back, and how they grinned?

Are you my friend?



I will Rise

I will Rise

Sometime’s it get’s really stressful trying to be a blessing to others; trying to give hope to the hopeless, to be the uplifter of one’s heart’s, mind’s and soul’s, when you know that your heart and soul need’s help too. I stretch my arms, heart, words, and prayers out in order to be a blessing. I know that my day will truly come soon, and that I will recieve the blessings that I’m in search of. I have a heart and it is not all about pleasing me; it is about you too.


A Smile

A Smile

A smile is just a frown turned upside down.

It’s your business if you sometimes want to wear a frown.

Just remember to turn it around.

You can talk to your self without making a sound.

You won’t always feel that you are almost level to the ground.

Consider these words as a blessing from a friend that you found.

I send you kind words to help you un-wound.

Don’t forget to smile every once in a while.


A New Day

A New Day

Cherish each day as a new day.

No matter what trying obstacles this old world throws at you; remind yourself that it’s still okay.

It shouldn’t  matter if your hair start’s to shed, or turn grey.

Everything will be alright; come what will, come what may.

Never worry about the harsh words that someone may say.

It will be easier to fight the battle; just remember to pray.


‘A New Beginning’

‘A New Beginning’
Are you ready to do your part?
Take a look in the mirror; know that you’re a sight for sore eyes, that’s the first start.
Hold your hand out and touch your heart.
Massage it and realize that you are a true and rare work of art.
Never forget those words and consider yourself very smart.

‘Don’t Judge Me’

Don’t judge me by the color of my skin. Nor should you look at the places that I have or haven’t been. If I mess up, and you do the same thing; we have both commited a sin. Don’t think negative if I forget to grin. Don’t judge me if my clothes are worn thin. Never look down on me if I find my self stressed and sit with my hand on my chin.Don’t look at the outside; take a look within. My claim to fame is that one day I will be on top and win. I would strongly suggest that you take a second look at me again.


Love is like a pot of gold, hard to find and hard to hold.
It is there to treasure; not to scold.
It’s there for free; not something that can be sold.
In the times of troubles we should not lay down and take it, we should learn to be bold.
There is a time to hold and a time to fold.
Love should be warm; not cold.
We should not have to stay hidden in a corner and mold.
This is my belief; you heard it from me, now you’ve been told.