Passing judgement

Why do people look down on others, making decisions, and passing judgement without getting to know that person. No one died and made them ruler over anyone. They judge people by their financial status. Money does make the world go round, but there is more to meet the eye than money. Money is truly the root of all evil. They look at the outward appearance, and miss the mark of a true work of art. They fail to realize that the very one that they judged so harshly, and without any logical reason just might end up on a pedistal higher than they.  They fail to see people’s self worth, never realizing that when they are in the most need of help or a kind word, that person that they looked down may be the only one that can help them. God is the author and the finisher; he is the only soul replinisher. Those kind of people that are so quick to pass judgement on others should take a long look in the mirror, they may be shocked at what they see.