May the works that I’ve done speak for me

My purpose is to send kind words and gesture’s out to you to be a blessing and to soothe your heart, mind and soul to be stress free. Praying that God will stretch out his mighty hand and move for you in an enormous degree. I want to give you hope; so that you will not lean, but that you may be able to stand as tall as a tree. We all need some one to be there for us in a time of need, that is one thing that I’m sure we all will agree.  Giving hope to others if the ultimate key. Praying that God will give me the exact words to say to be a blessing to you is my plea. My heart goes out to you, it’s not all about me. I’m working on making someone else’s day brighter, then maybe that old devil will flee. I pray that my works will truly speak for me.