I stand for you

Who will stand for me?

I’m the author of ‘The Lives of Abused and Battered Women’, this book tells of my abusive life style as well as that of other women. I try to give hope to the hopeless, kind gestures letting them know that they don’t deserve the harsh treatment, sending sister to sister to sisterly prayers, self help, this book is truly my life in a nutshell. If no one is interested, or if it can’t or doesn’t reach the much needed people; putting my life, heart and hopes will have been in vain. I ask for help to get it out there, and they take me to a lower level. I’ve been told that I should have said this or that, in order to give a way of getting out or safety. There was no one there when I went through the twenty-five(25) years in and out of abusive relationships, offering me a kind word nor a hand. How can people be so cold? Atleast I’m putting my life and trials out there to keep some young child from walking that un-necessary mile in my shoe. For the women that are in it, to give hope for a brighter tommorrow. Constantly putting myself out there for others, and no one there offering me a kind hand to say, ‘I’m impressed with You’, ‘I’ll back You’, or ‘Let’s do this thing’. I need an anchor too, but I can’t or want give up sending the kind words out there to others. I know that one day my blessing will come through. I have a heart, and it is not just there for me it is for others also.
Barbara Hart