Do you feel my heart that’s praying for you“?

With every heart-beat, my prayers are with you. I’m near by praying for the better for you, no matter what you may be going through. I’m there praying for you when it seems that all of the pressures of life has not ceased, but only grew and grew. I’m praying that the rain stops, and that your day and life change to sunny and blue. When there’s no one there to give you a kind word, or gesture for that needed peace of mind, I’m praying that God will step in and give you the answer as to what you need to do. I will try to be there for you in the nick of need of time, even if it’s through my prayers, that you recieve that needed option or clue. My prayers are out there, allow them to stick to you like glue. I pray that my words have made your heart feel lighter and new. This is my heart-felt prayer to you, and every word is true.

 Barbara Hart