‘If you are without Spot or Blemish, cast the first stone’

No one is perfect

You may be right to a certain extent, but as I see it even the best needs to be boosted. Everyone tries to get people to back them in one way or another. Even most of the rich and the famous rose to the top because of their followers. If no one stands for anyone else then we all will be in the same fix. Some people may have everything that they need to reach their goals, but the truth of the matter is, no one should knock someone else because they are insecure or less fortunate than them the rest. No one is perfect, and we all will need a kind word, helping hand or something at one point or another. Needing someone to pump you up, or to tell you that your work is good doesn’t mean that you are different from anyone else. We all have different feelings, and ways of doing things. When it all comes down to it; we are all doing the same thing, everyone is putting their stuff out there for someone to notice in hopes that it will reach the top. Advertisement is advertisement no matter how you decide to look at it. We should never judge the book without looking inside the cover. If we all didn’t need anyone elses’ help, we wouldn’t be here. It is a “Me” thang (thing), everyone wants the others to help them, but when they’re aproached they have a problem with it.
 We say that we have a problem with people asking us for help. We say that they should feel that what they are doing is good enough with out asking, or begging others to support them in what ever way. No one is perfect, anyone that is without spot of blemish should cast the first stone, we know that those that is covered with spots and blemishes are really the main ones to cast those stones.