The Biggest Case Scenario to the continuation of  “The Lives of Abused and Battered Women”
    Men have gotten by with abusing women for centuries. When the first man got by with it I feel that it gave the other men the nerve to abuse their women also. If the men had been judged, or condemned for their actions this would never have lasted this long. At the first sign of abuse, if we women would have stood up for our rights, or did what ever it took to show the men that they had picked the wrong person to jump on they would have bowed down like an humble puppy. When they (men) jumped at us or did something to hurt us we should have shown them that our bark and bite was just as fierce. Men will run from another man for fear of getting the beat down, but turn their manliness on women.
    It’s long over due time for women to do what ever it takes with in reason to protect ourselves. No more being criticized, abused or belittled. It’s time for us to take our lives back. We have to let it be known that the abusive life style is not acceptable. It’s time for us to stop feeling sorry for those heartless men that torment us. It’s time to see ourselves as beautiful, special, rare, and a unique, and a precious work of God. Stop looking down on yourselves because a man or anyone else tells you that no one will want you. Always have hope in the midst of your storm. “Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.
    It’s been said that we should give ways of escape or a solution. People can give us all of the ways to get away, or the money that is needed to do it but if we haven’t made up in our minds that enough is enough we still want do anything. God gave us our lives to live to the fullest of our ability. No one has the right to treat us the way that they have. These words are from my heart and I pray that I haven’t offended anyone because that is not my intention. My heart and my prayers are with you. It took me twenty five years to realize that I was better than I was being treated and I decided to walk away. You have to be the judge of how much is enough. The longer we take the harsh treatment, the longer they will dish it out.
    The cold hard truth is that the reason that the men have constantly abused us is that we kept it a secret. We swept it under the rug until it made a lump, then it turned into a mold hill, and the final phase became a mountain that was too hard to climb. The men did it because we didn’t let anyone know what they were doing. I asked why God allowed this to continue to happen and it hit me, God gave us many warnings and we kept accepting the mess. We got through that hurdle and thought that everything would be okay, then it got a little worse. Each time God kept saying “I’m giving you a reason to get out, and you keep finding reasons to stay”. Abuse is not just in the low class minority of women, it’s in the middle class and the high class minority of women also. It’s not just in a certain place or region it’s world wide. Whether we keep it a secret or not; we know and God knows.
    At the first sign of abuse, or that something wasn’t right we should have walked then and never gave it a second thought to look back. If you’re being abused don’t keep it a secret, that only makes it worse. Shout it out on the roof top, on the mountain, and all through the valley. At least you would have made a start. If we as women would pray for a change for the better of our sisters, not just one of us but all women over the world I truly believe that a change will surely come. “I Love You My Sister.” The greatest love of all, other than the love of God is self love.