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National Domestic Violence Month

Who will stand with me“?
This is the month that we (Women) should all get together to send out prayers and hope for the abused. If we stand together and pray for each other a change has to come. There is no need to say what anyone should or shouldn’t do, just pray for each women all over the universe. Imagine the impact that will come about if all women are sending out prayers over the airwaves to be a blessing to our sister. It’s not all about you; and it’s not all about me, it’s about us coming together in unity to stop the violence. Abuse is a subject that is world wide and it has no focus on age, race, minority, or the region. Just as easy as it happened to me; it could have very well happened to you, your loved one, neighbor,or a friend. If you have escaped this tragedy consider yourself to be blessed. Will you stand with me in prayer for our sisters?
Barbara Hart


National Domestic Abuse Month

Is thereĀ 

robert drakes

a right time when a man should hit a woman? Check it out:

Hold on to your hopes and dreams

Your hopes and dreams

Hold on to your hopes and dreams. It may not be easy but nothing is ever the way that it appears or seem. It is okay if you want to shout or scream. I’m on your side; so know that you’re apart of my team.

Stop looking at the cup as being half empty, and see it as being half full. For anyone that should tell you that your hopes for a better day is not coming, know that it is a bunch of bull. I will be there in the spirit if you need someone to help you during your trials to push or pull.


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