The Lives of Abused and Battered Women

reveiwed by Irene Brautigam


I have just finished reading your book with a box of tissues beside me.  I must say that although I have had some bad relationships in my life, I really felt your pain to be greater and women everywhere should be thankful that you have shared your personal experiences with them.  This took a tremendous amount of courage on your part to tell your story and open your heart in such a way.  I believe that your book serves as a beacon of hope to all women who believe that their situation is unique and feel that they are completely alone and in a helpless situation.  May you be blessed with a brighter today and tomorrow, as a result of your efforts and courage to speak up and discuss a topic that is so often kept concealed and hidden from the world. 

I thank you for sharing your life’s journey with me.  I can see now why you would want to take a break from men.  I do wish that you don’t give up on finding Mr. Right as there are still so many good men out there and God knows you deserve the love of a good man just as we all do.