” Will they cheat again?”

  The question was asked, if you should stay with your mate if he/she cheats? You put them out and after a period of time you allow them to come back and they begin to treat you better but, the trust is gone. My opinion is:

They always say that if they cheat once they’ll do it again. I think you know the answer as to what you should do. Sure they’ll change until the next time. That is the main reason we women go through abuse for so long, because we keep hoping that things will change. My mother, God rest her soul told me that a man couldn’t hurt me unless I allowed it. I didn’t know what she meant at the time. Later, I realized that she meant that the first time that he hurt me that I should have walked. We ask why God allows men to continue to abuse us for so long. At the first sight of the mess God allows us to get through it and we give the abuser another chance. Then they come up with something else and God steps in and helps us out again. Each time it gets worse and worse. We keep asking God why he is allowing it to happen to us and God says “I showed you the first time that you should leave and, you decided to give it another chance”. He (God) says “I kept giving you a reason to leave and you kept finding a reason to stay”. Now you/we find ourselves caught up and no hope in sight. You don’t hurt the one that you love. You have to learn to love yourself more than you love someone else, especially when they are treating you like dog crap. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but, you don’t want to find yourself on the mountain top with no way down. I can’t say that he will or will not hurt you, only time will tell. Sometimes we know what we should do but, we don’t want to be alone or whatever my come about. I’ve learned that it is better to be alone and at peace than to never know what to say, feel, think, do, or when something else will pop up out of the wood works that is not a good life to live. I pray that you make the right decision, whatever it may be.