People are quick to condemn/ slow to offer a hand

People are quick to condemn but, slow to offer a helping hand. Some of the people that are dealing with abuse is the main ones’ that are so cold hearted, that is the only reason that one could imagine their coldness towards someone that has had the life drained out of them. People fail to realize that even though someone has been abused/stayed in the situation for God knows how long, it could have just as well been them. It could have been them; their sibling, friend, or even a stranger on the street. Some people would prefer to give a harsh word, or a cold shoulder than to offer a helping hand and that is so sad. We never know where our lives will take a turn for the worst, we would not want people to be that way with us. It is not a good thing to say what we would or wouldn’t do. People fail to realize that God can allow us to be in the same situation to let us know how it feels, and what the others are truly having to deal with.