Looking for love in all the wrong places

I was young seeking love in all the wrong places. I sought that special look in the unknown faces. Each prospect was one that I should have left where I found it. I had high hopes in what I wanted out of life but the only thing that I found was heart ache and sorrow. I found myself trying to make the best out of the bad relationships that never went anywhere except down hill. All of those wasted years of hoping and praying for that special love to come my way. Praying that every day would be the day that I would finally be truly loved and happy. It never happened.
After many years of living life in relationships that were never profiting me, “God” stepped in and gave me hope and a great love for myself. I always wonder why no one took the time out to see the real me. Why couldn’t they see that I was just as good as the next woman? Why couldn’t they see that I had a lot of love to give? Why couldn’t they see that it doesn’t get any better than me (I)? No matter what the reason or the season I am somebody. I am special. I am a rare, precious and unique work of art. If no one takes the time to see it, that is their loss. I realize that my day will come to be happy sooner than I expect and all will be well with me. If you or anyone else has found themselves in this situation, remember that even in the midst of your storms or trials there is hope. You have to hold on to that tid-bit just a little while longer.