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Letting Go Of What Others Think Of You

Letting go of what others think of you is a hard job to tackel. It is a job that has to be done because it can drain the life out of you. People fail to realize how much pressure it puts on others when they are so cold hearted and calus. Some of them do know and they do it to put another notch on their belt. It is hard to hear the harsh remarks or to see the smears that we receive from our peers and brush it off as nothing. It is our lives and we have to do what ever it takes to see and not see. We have to remind ourselves that “When everyone sees’ the worst in us, God can and will turn it round for our best or, to work in our favor”. We have to remember that it doesn’t matter what they think as long as we know different. We have to try to find remedies to fade them and their hurtful mess from hearts, eyes, ears, and sight. I can’t say that it will happen in a day but, if you work at it, will get better with time. I’m not saying that it want fester back up but, you have a little something inside of you that look past it too or, atleast make it easier to deal with. You can try singing a song to yourself to lift your spirits.


Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers

The Offering of a Helping Hand

You can lead a horse to water but, it is up to him is he decides to take a drink.

You can give all of the needed information or tips but, it is up to the individual if he uses it or not, atleast you made the chain begin to clink.

You can put everything out there on the table but, you can’t do anything about their choice or what they choose to think.

You can only offer the helping hand, it is up to them is they accepts it or, if they decide to swim, float or sink.

It is still better to offer that helping hand, atleast you have given the necessary link.

Don’t just stand there and be critical with nothing to offer, that only makes you stink.

If they decide to accept your helping hand, it will truly touch your heart when you see them smile and their eyes begin to blink.

Which Co-Host Are You?

Which Co-Host Are You?.

Is Drinking a Sin?

” Is Drinking a Sin”

The guestion was asked if it is a sin to drink? I feel that if you are a christian that you shouldn’t drink, smoke or, do any of the things that the people of the world do. I also know that Rome wasn’t built in one day. My answer to the guestion is:  It is said that it is not what goes in but, what comes out that preceedeth a man. That statement means that it is the actions that follow. It is how you allow it to affect what and how you do things. What is your opinion?

Barbara Hart