Cheating is not acceptable

Cheating takes a relationship to a new level which is not good. It takes from the relationship and the heart can no longer trust the other person no matter how long you stay there holding on to it. People are so quick to say that it was something that just happened but, we all know that nothing just happens. It happens atleast for cheating because we allowed it to. We should be man or woman enough to say that, “I’m with someone and I want do anything to create a problem for us”. When we cheat we lose something that can never be gotten back no matter how we try, there will always be that distrust. Cheating is not a game that one can play and then resume their normal activities. There will be consequences that will shatter the relationship.
People never look at the situation turned around with the shoe on their foot. They know that it would totally drain the life out of them to find that the one that they loved and trusted with their all could or would do something to hurt them so badly.