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Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers

It shouldn’t matter if we have over come the abuse that was in our lives, or if we are still in the mess. Everyone can feel blessed by receiving a kind word, or a feeling of hope from someone. It creates a bigger problem when no one is willing to talk about it. If we bring the subject of “Abuse” up the atmosphere gets so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. That is not the way that is should be nor is it right. It is not a subject that is off the mind, or out of sight. Silence takes it to an abnormal height.

It doesn’t matter about the creed or the color. Abuse lurks in every neck of the woods. It shouldn’t matter if the abuse is with a family member, friend or a casual acquaintance, it is very serious. How can we close our hearts and minds to anyone that is in such detrimental pain? You may not have felt any of the pain; it can happen to you also. Abuse has happened in the best homes, and neighborhoods. Never think that you are too good or better than the rest. How we react to someone else’s pain may make the difference as to how we will be able to avoid our own pain. If you find yourself being faced with abuse, will you be strong enough to master the test?….html


We are specal in our own perfect way

Thank God that we all blessed in our own special way. One is no better than the next. We were all put here for a reason and not just a season. No one is perfect. No two people are the same. We all pray to be blessed with fortune and fame. We should never look down on anyone or, try to make them shame. God made us the way that he did, no one has the right to try and make it a game. Don’t act as though you are a wild beast, your job is to be tame. When the time comes it want matter what we have or even our name. It want matter where we are going or, from whence we came. We want be able to run and hide, we will have to take the credit and the blame. In Gods’ eves we are all the same, a beautiful person in a beautiful frame.

Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers

Abuse and Points of Power
We all (Women) are unique in our own special way. It is our choice as to when we decide to play. It’s our right as to what our expectations should be for the next day. We have the right to state our own opinion and, not have to bow down or, accept what anyone else has to say. We have a choice; we can try to do things our way. We don’t have to be silent or, stay hidden in a corner the way that people expect us to and decay. We don’t have to stay inside; we can get out and enjoy the beauty of Gods’ glorious sun ray. We don’t have to get up out of our comfort zone, in our own beds we can continue to lay. We can soak in our tub and allow our minds to feel as though calgon is sweeping us away. We can do things on our time; we can make a move or decide to put things off if we decide to delay. For the better of mankind, we have to continue to pray.