Abuse and Points of Power
We all (Women) are unique in our own special way. It is our choice as to when we decide to play. It’s our right as to what our expectations should be for the next day. We have the right to state our own opinion and, not have to bow down or, accept what anyone else has to say. We have a choice; we can try to do things our way. We don’t have to be silent or, stay hidden in a corner the way that people expect us to and decay. We don’t have to stay inside; we can get out and enjoy the beauty of Gods’ glorious sun ray. We don’t have to get up out of our comfort zone, in our own beds we can continue to lay. We can soak in our tub and allow our minds to feel as though calgon is sweeping us away. We can do things on our time; we can make a move or decide to put things off if we decide to delay. For the better of mankind, we have to continue to pray.