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Look Up When You Feel Down

‘Look Up’
Look up when you feel down.
Put a smile on you face when you feel the need to frown.
Know that you are blessed and worthy to wear the royal crown.
Think of something good when the pressures of this world seem to weigh you down or make you feel as though you are going to drown.
You are not alone whether you are on this or that side of town.


The Raging Pain From My Heart

My Aching Heart
Lord reach in and massage my aching heart is where I’ll start. Mend and re-new all the broken parts. Fix the organs so that pain and sorrow can’t dwell there again which causes my soul to get hot. Reach in and put up a shield that will never allow the enemy to puncture it with their sharp dart. Lord allow every hurtful thing to know that you are the author and the finisher and that you are the gaurd of this ole heart.

Book Interview by Daniel Carter for “Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers”


Interview by Daniel Carter with Barbara A. Hart, author of “Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers. Daniel truly gave a great interview. I would appreciate if you would check it out and leave a comment.