‘Had a little talk with Jesus’
I had a little talk with Jesus. I told him about my troubles. There was no need to tell him: he knew the whole story.
All I could do was sit back and give him praise saying Glory, Glory.
I know that he knew my beginning as well as he knew my end.
No matter how rough my situation or problems look, or seemed he ‘Jesus’ was the only one in whom I can depend.
Everytime I found myself at my lowest moments, a blessing or break through he’Jesus’ always send.
As far as the adversary or enemy, I give them to God for my soul and livlihood to defend.
I want lie and say that the struggles are a piece of cake or easy, so I will not pretend.
When my heart has been shattered or broken, I say ‘My heart please Jesus mend.
I said Jesus you see how the enemy taunt me, and how they take pleasure as they stood back and grinned.
I know that pain and anguish is not a great fashion or trend.
I ask Jesus to straighten me when my spirits seem to do their own thing or bend.