Love is Like a pot of gold.
Love is hard to find, and hard to hold.
Love gives you the courage to be bold.
Love is to be given, it’s nothing that can be sold.
Love keeps your heart warm even if your body is cold.
Love is distributed to the young and the old.
Love will not sour or mold.
This is the meaning of love, so remember it don’t say you weren’t told.
Love wispers sweet nothings in your ear.
It wipes your eyes to dry away every tear.
It gives you hope, and tells you encouraging things that you need to hear.
Love is a form of hope, it shouldn’t be anything to fear.
Instead of being silent, you’ll have a reason to cheer.
No matter how far, love will keep the heart near.
Love will bring you to the front, there’ll be no need to stay in the rear.
Love will make things that seem impossible, more clear.
When you feel lost and all alone, love will always appear.
Love will always be there for you my dear.