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Society and their Foot

Society has held our loved one’s captive for too long. Some of the decisions that they have made were too harsh and very wrong. They have made the people weak that had a sense of being strong.  It has kept its foot on the necks of our loved ones and wouldn’t let them up. Society has drained every drop of the life out of their cup. Now there is no way that some of them can revive themselves nor, do they have any real insight of how to get up. They have become as helpless as a little pup. Sure they made mistakes; some of them should not be held against them from getting a job to better themselves. Then they (society) had the ordasity to stand back and criticize them because they did what they had to do to make a living.  Some of…

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Love is on the way.
It’s the time to stop and send a little love your way.
Real compassion and love is not a game that we play.
It’s hoping that everything in your life is working out in your favor, and that you are okay.
It’s hoping that a kind word is sent to you to run the coniving demons away.
It’s about hoping that you have a blessed day.
It’s about saying yeah (yes), instead of nay (no).
It’s about hoping that each of your bills, you’ll be able to pay.
All my hopes and prayers are sent your way.

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You can lead a horse to water

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
You can give your opinions, but it is totally up to him what he may do or think.
You may tell him to keep his eyes closed, but he may just blink.
He may even, just give you a wink.
You may even throw him a rope or anchor, but as you may very well know he may decide to drift away or sink.
He may pass up on your offer to help him and look at you as a broken link.
You can tell him that a rose is red, but he may see it as being pink.
To you what may smell good, can seem totally the opposite and have the foulest odor or stink.
No matter how much help you decide to offer, it is up to…

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