Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers

Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers….html


Talking to Jesus

‘Had a little talk with Jesus’
I had a little talk with Jesus. I told him about my troubles. There was no need to tell him: he knew the whole story.
All I could do was sit back and give him praise saying Glory, Glory.
I know that he knew my beginning as well as he knew my end.
No matter how rough my situation or problems look, or seemed he ‘Jesus’ was the only one in whom I can depend.
Everytime I found myself at my lowest moments, a blessing or break through he’Jesus’ always send.
As far as the adversary or enemy, I give them to God for my soul and livlihood to defend.
I want lie and say that the struggles are a piece of cake or easy, so I will not pretend.
When my heart has been shattered or broken, I say ‘My heart please Jesus mend.
I said Jesus you see how the enemy taunt me, and how they take pleasure as they stood back and grinned.
I know that pain and anguish is not a great fashion or trend.
I ask Jesus to straighten me when my spirits seem to do their own thing or bend.

‘The Look In Your Eyes’

Your Eyes
Is it love that I see in your eyes?
In the midst of the storm or trouble will you leave, or stand by?
Will you leave without even a simple good-bye?
Will you wipe my eyes if a problem should arise that makes me cry?
Will you be trust worthy, or do you always lie?
If I’m feeling low will you do what it takes to pick me up high?
Even if things seem hopeless, to fix it will you atleast try?
Is it love that I see in your eyes?

Sending a Little Love Your Way.

Love is on the way.
It’s the time to stop and send a little love your way.
Real compassion and love is not a game that we play.
It’s hoping that everything in your life is working out in your favor, and that you are okay.
It’s hoping that a kind word is sent to you to run the coniving demons away.
It’s about hoping that you have a blessed day.
It’s about saying yeah (yes), instead of nay (no).
It’s about hoping that each of your bills, you’ll be able to pay.
All my hopes and prayers are sent your way.

‘Jesus On The Main Line’

Tell Him What You Want
I said,’Jesus I want a better life’.
He (Jesus) said, ‘I give you life that you maybe prosperous’.
I said,’Jesus give me financial favor’.
He (Jesus) said, ‘Ask and it shall be given’.
I said, ‘When will I receive my blessings’?
He (Jesus) said, ‘Seek and you shall find’.
I said, ‘How do I go about the task’?
He (Jesus) said, Make a start, knock and the door will be opened to you.
I said, ‘I’ve tried for so long, how much longer will it be’?
He (Jesus) said, Have patience as small as a grain of mustard seed’.
I said, ‘I just can’t hold on much longer’.
He (Jesus) said, ‘Believe and you shall recieve’.
I said, ‘I feel my help failing’.
He (Jesus) said, ‘You are more than a conquerer.
I said, ‘I’m tired of being alone’.
He (Jesus) said, ‘The extra set of foot prints that you see are mine, I’m there with you. He said when the feet prints disapper, I’m just carrying you and your load. He said, I will never leave nor forsake you. He said I will be with you even until the end of time’.

The Lady in the Red Dress

The Lady in the Red Dress
The lady in the red dress may be carefree, or her life may be filled with so much stress.
Her eyes may be filled with a glimmer of joy, or tears as on her life she starts to reminess.
Whether happy or sad she yet has to confess.
She may act foot-loose or fancy free, but her way she sometimes have to press.
Everyone needs their heart to be over hauled, or a soothing hand to reach in and caress.
Watch for the signal light that warns ‘Distress’.
No matter how they seem or act; their life can be great or a total mess.
It will be great to offer a little kindness; nothing more, nothing less.
So simple to step up to the plate and her heart you can bless.
Her life and yours, you can only say no or yes.

The Monkey on my Back

The Monkey on my back.
Trying hard to get this monkey off my back.
No matter what, everything seems to be going slack.
Working hard to regain what I lack.
I can see what I need seeping through that small crack.
Got to pull my help mate off that rack.
I know that the bare necessities are in my pack.
I’m lowering one layer on the stack.
I’ve got that monkey off my back.
My life is back on track.